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Search URJ. Strengthening Synagogues What are the key attributes shared by successful synagogues? View the Supplement and Discussion Guide. Revitalizing Prayer Interview with Nancy Flam. Learn More. Read the full story. Fall 14 Muzzled Feature. Muzzled by the Minority by Eric H. Insider's Guide to College Life.

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Jewish Life. Dear Reader. Copyright Note: Stories on this site are the intellectual property of and copyrighted by each author. Reprinting an article from this site in another publication or posting an article on another site requires the additional permission of both the author and the magazine. Jewish Living. WRJ Home. But in most other ways, the Richard Neutra-designed campus, nestled amid old-growth redwoods, is antithetical to Hollywood. Every aspect of the school, which teaches students and is part of UCLA's Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, is a laboratory for the latest in child development research.

UCLA academics love it, leading one Hollywood mom to joke that the intellectualism might leave entertainment folks feeling lonely. With no admissions interview, applications are stripped of any opportunity to peddle influence. Endowments from the likes of Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg, Matt and Deborah Caplan Groening and the Dern family support nearly 4 percent of the operating budget. Westland parents are a devoted bunch. Says Barbara DeSantis, whose son with Curb Your Enthusiasm exec producer Larry Charles matriculated from a Westside private school: "We were a transfer family, and the acceptance, the appropriate boundaries were the antithesis of the parent-infested uniform school culture we had come from.

Last year, 27 percent of families received flexible tuition, reducing cost by roughly half, with nearly a quarter of the students being children of color.

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The outdoors is a big part of the school ethos, and Westland kids can work in the organic edible community garden or collect eggs from the chicken coop. Parental involvement is required. Parents, who say the food is excellent, with a restaurant-quality kitchen, are on rotation for making hot, home-cooked meals for events. Multi-age classrooms are the norm; graduates have gone on to every top private middle and high school in L. Wildwood is a mecca for Hollywood's heavy hitters, as some of the Spielberg kids, two of Dustin Hoffman's kids and all of Demi Moore's brood went; Rob Reiner's kids and a Meryl Streep daughter also are alums.

On Grandparents and Special Friends Day, a parent brought DiCaprio and some of the attendees were "starstruck — the situation made all the other kids' grandpas seem so very ordinary," says a school expert.

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Wildwood is constantly searching for best practices, even if it might be unpopular. It's a unique place. Although low-key compared to some of the other L. Founded in , Windward combines a challenging college-prep program with a nurturing vibe. The 9. Head of school Tom Gilder is credited with significantly increasing Windward's competitiveness. Says WME agent Adam Venit: "I have five children who have gone to a number of schools, and Windward has far and away been my favorite experience. And in the past few years, it's become a school that everyone wants to go to.

Considered the pound Hollywood gorilla of L. The school offers a developmental curriculum — emphasis is placed on play; a nurturing, inclusive environment; and student readiness — that gets increasingly challenging over time. But perhaps the biggest names are Beyonce and Jay Z, whose daughter attends. Queen Bey performed at the gala, which was held at L. Although spectacularly difficult to get into — "there are thousands of applicants for 30 spots," laments a former parent — CEE prides itself on diversity.

Next up, the school is undergoing construction to add classrooms and sports facilities by Echo Horizon 's unique mission of educating deaf and hard of hearing children alongside hearing peers began in Today, 10 percent of students are DHH and use hearing devices to optimize success both in and out of the classroom.

Yet "many of the techniques are invaluable for the larger school," says film writer-producer Joshua Oppenheimer, from "learning to self-advocate, speak up when you don't understand something or managing the playground. Detailed thought, over decades, has been put in. And although there have been plenty of star offspring — such as Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, and her friend Harley, daughter of filmmaker Kevin Smith — the school of students that opened in also offers financial aid to a large percentage of neighborhood children.

The school's proximity to studios and filming locations makes it popular with busy actors and executives. Le Lycee is known for classes taught in both French and English, students hailing from nearly 50 countries and the fact that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sent four kids there. It long has attracted parents valuing a sophisticated curriculum and distinctly European discretion.

Meanwhile, bold-faced alumni include Kate Hudson who attended as a child and graduates Claire Danes and Jodie Foster, who was named valedictorian in But the real magic can be found on any of the five campuses that house nearly students. The atmosphere was personal, with a special kind of warmth," says Cameron Crowe, whose twin sons attend. Widely considered to be one of the best girls schools in the U.

Marlborough has a rep for being a feeder for Ivy Leagues with an environment that allows confidence to flourish. Writer-producer Maria Arena Bell, whose daughter attended and now is at Harvard University, says: "Though Marlborough is competitive academically, there is a real feeling of support that makes a tight knit group. My son went to Brentwood, which is a different co-ed culture, but there is something very special about a single sex education for empowering young women.

Koetters allegedly was allowed to quietly transfer to Polytechnic School, a practice that victim Chelsea Burkett, who appeared on Nightline on April 6, referred to as "passing the trash" in a Facebook post. Wagner's replacement, Dr. Pilgrim 's urban location — 10 minutes from downtown — makes it popular among busy parents who want a tight- knit community there are only students without the culture of exclusivity of some top schools. It feels like you are walking into Hogwarts," says parent Siri Garber, president of Platform PR, referring to the gothic-style buildings.

Our children love going to school every day. Pilgrim employs an "everybody plays" policy for sports, art, music and community service, regardless of skill. The Willows has grown from serving 90 students in a leased Hayden Tract warehouse into a 2.

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The school is popular for its progressive environment that feels softer than L. There is a vibe of connecting with the kids, not talking down to them. Victoria and David Beckham's eldest son, Brooklyn, attended. Parents are very involved. While Buckley , founded in , is known for being a place where the mothers are "perfect" and you need to "carry the right bag," as several moms put it, Melanie Fields, wife of TV and film producer Simon Fields, thinks that rep is overplayed. Both she and her daughter, who just graduated, attended.

Some things haven't changed. The kids come out as ladies and gentlemen with great values and work ethics," says Fields. The student school is known for its top-notch academics, with particular strength in writing, and the computer science department offers a mobile app development course.

The Heartwork program, which teaches kids how to be good people, didn't exist when students and eventual sex-tape makers Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian attended together. Campbell Hall feels like a family, say admirers. Halls praises the family involvement, "very chill" atmosphere, emphasis on manners and respect, "really great" sports program and academic rigor. An Episcopal institution, it accepts students of all faiths. The uniform-only school of approximately 1, students provides a traditional curriculum minute classes are meant to help increase engagement for grades K with opportunities to study theater, TV and music production, engineering and animation.

Prep , as it's known, draws Pasadena-based doctors, lawyers and financial advisers as well as entertainment industry names, some of whom do the commute for its nationally acclaimed program including strong STEAM, or Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Math classes and focus on leadership skills. We had looked at a lot of the Westside schools, where the teenage girls were a little daunting in how they were dressed.

Reilly's son, has plans to add creation and lab spaces. In , 60 students applied to universities with an admissions rate of 15 percent or less; 30 percent of those students were admitted. Founder Marvin Jacobson created an innovative "Total Child" philosophy that current head Laurie Wolke, his daughter, keeps alive. That focus includes a character-education program, a weekly assembly at which kids who perform community service are recognized, an edible garden and a farmers market that raises money for two sister schools in Africa.

Many such parents, along with donors Gwen Stefani, Dave Grohl, Julie Bowen and Jeff Probst, helped fund capital campaigns that have grown the campus from 1 to 5 acres though some parents bemoan a lack of parking. Top advisers say Laurence excels in STEM classes, athletics and visual and performing arts; it even fields a nationally competitive chess team.

The student school, which requires uniforms, has an excellent record as a feeder, with students receiving 22 acceptances to Harvard-Westlake and 21 to Campbell Hall this year. Founded by a group of parents in a North Hollywood backyard in , Oakwood , which has an elementary campus in Studio City and high school in North Hollywood, follows a progressive approach with an emphasis on the visual and performing arts there are eight jazz bands at the school.

In recent years, it's become much more Hollywood-y.