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Hefty and Painter are making sure the shutters are shut good and tight, Handy is covering up Smurfette's garden with a wooden box, Nat Smurf is busy securing a bird's nest with rope, Greedy is using what Handy thinks is vanilla icing for caulking up the windows though Greedy reveals it's butter pecan , Vanity is making sure his "precious babies" meaning his mirrors are nice and safe, and Dreamy is at the dock with a crew working on securing the S.

Smurf II. Handy then heads for the village windmill to check up on Lazy and finds him sleeping on the job, resting on the windmill sails.

Wait Until Tomorrow

Handy pulls him awake and warns him that a hurricane is coming and that it's urgent to secure the windmill and make sure the sails don't tear apart. Lazy at first just goes back to sleep, but with a splash of cold water from Handy he realizes the urgency and tries to get the windmill shut down and secured before the hurricane comes. However, in his trying to throw the last switch to shut down the windmill, he gets hit in the head and is rendered unconscious.

Soon the winds begin to blow really hard, and as the animals in the forest scurry into their holes for safety, Papa Smurf and Handy make one final check to make sure everything is secure. The windmill is the last thing they need to check on, and although Brainy questions Handy putting Lazy in charge of shutting it down, he is certain that Lazy wouldn't let any Smurf down in that task. However, when he does check up on Lazy, Handy finds him laying down again and accuses him of not being faithful in doing his job.

As Lazy feels the bump that has formed on his head, Handy calls for some of his fellow Smurfs to help him get the windmill shut down. Things get really hectic in the Smurf Village as the winds pick up.

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The Smurfs that are safe inside their houses are trying to keep their precious items safe, while Handy and his crew are trying to get the windmill shut down. Lazy asks if there's anything he could do to help, but Handy doesn't want his help, blaming him for not doing his appointed job. However, the combined strength of Hefty and Handy is not enough to stop the axle from spinning the propeller, and Brainy gets knocked into the axle when a door gets blown off its hinges.

Don’t Wait ’til Tomorrow Lyrics

Soon the speed of the spinning propeller causes the windmill to be ripped from the ground and carried along by the winds, far from the Smurf Forest and over the sea to a distant island, where it falls inside the chasm of a volcano and then falls apart. Handy checks the location of where they have landed and judges from what he sees on the walls of the chasm that the volcano erupts once every years, which Brainy takes as a good sign.

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  • But suddenly a rumbling beneath them occurs, and Handy calculates that the last eruption of the volcano was exactly years to the day! This makes the Smurfs fearful and realizing that they need to escape the volcano before it blows real soon. Back in the village, after the hurricane has passed, the Smurfs see that the village is a wreck, but everything in it is safe The village leader tells Dreamy that it's time to prepare his sailing ship so they can go and find the missing Smurfs.

    However, at the dock, Dreamy could see that the hurricane has done damage to the S. Smurf II , and that they'll never be able to go after the missing Smurfs now.

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    Papa Smurf encourages them to think that nothing is impossible for them to accomplish, since they have endured through great hardships before, and that even without Handy who built the ship, they can still repair it and bring it back in top shape in time to mount a rescue. Meanwhile, inside the volcano, the six Smurfs are busy trying to assemble a rudimentary helicopter from Handy's plans and leftover parts that survived from the windmill crash.

    Hefty asks for Brainy's help, but after seeing that Brainy is more interested in criticizing Handy's design for the helicopter, Hefty pulls him away from the plans and carries him straight toward actually helping. Handy gives Brainy a hammer and tells him to "smurf the forward smurfilizer", but as the village intellectual carries the hammer in order to do the job, he trips and causes the hammer to fall into the boiling lava at the bottom of the volcano.

    The Smurfs take a look at the lava that's slowly rising, with Handy saying that in a few hours, the "place is gonna smurf".

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    Smurfette wonders if Handy's " whirlysmurfer " will get them out in time, and Handy assures her that it will. Lazy brings over a bunch of tools, eager to lend a hand to the solution, but as Handy tries to think of what Lazy can do, Brainy just has a total nag fest with Lazy, blaming him for getting them into the mess in the first place until a rockslide gets him to shut up.

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      Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow – Sister Ray

      Tomorrow is found on the album Frogstomp. The Best of Silverchair, Vol. Silverchair — Tomorrow. Read More Edit Wiki. It's twelve o'clock, and it's a wonderful day I know you hate me, but I'll ask anyway Won't you come with me, to a place in a little town The only way to get there's to go straight down There's no bathroom, and there is no sink The water out of the tap is very Hard to drink Very hard to drink You, wait til tomorrow You, wait til tomorrow You say that money, isn't everything But I'd like to see you live without it You think you can keep on going living like a king Ooh babe, but I strongly doubt it Very hard to drink Very hard to drink You gonna wait til, fat boy Fat boy, wait til tomorrow You gonna wait til, fat boy Fat boy, wait til tomorrow You, wait til tomorrow You, wait til tomorrow You gonna wait til, fat boy Fat boy, wait til tomorrow You gonna wait til, fat boy Fat boy, wait until tomorrow Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

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      Banana Splits - Wait Til Tomorrow

      Tomorrow song meanings. Add your thoughts 58 Comments. General Comment I think this song is about a certain type of hypocrite. A rich man who thinks that he knows what the real world is like and that he can survive outside of his bubble. In reality, however, he does not stand a chance in the real world. Achilles could also be correct.

      YONAKA announce debut album 'Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow'

      I do however disagree with myownprisons post about the fat boy stereotype. I think the fat boy comments are not made with the assumption stated 'I was going to say that calling him a "fat boy" is a stereotype but as I think about it, I guess if you were rich, you would have more to eat. It's still a stereotype, but more like a "semi-stereotype"' however, as another word for capitalist pig. This is all my opinion, I could very well be wrong.

      There was an error. I agree with the interpretation of Fat Boy being used to mean Capitalist Pig.