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Together they discuss what makes something art, what is its role in society. Both contemplate their own relationship with art and with their life partners. View all 40 comments. Mar 25, Jennifer Blankfein rated it it was amazing. The Museum of Modern Love explores Jun 24, Vanessa rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites. One of the characters asks How do you define art? How do you answer that simply? To me it's something that is hard to pinpoint it's a feeling, it can bring joy, can cause confusion, it's pain, it's unadulterated happiness, it's an expression a way to connect with an audience it adds colour to dullness and makes people think, question and to look around the world with a different perspective.

I love that it means something different to each individual, it's not uniform. As the author One of the characters asks I was completely enthralled and transfixed and have really discovered a new appreciation for this form of artistic expression of pushing boundaries and daring to confront and provoke, it's definitely not your run of the mill art exhibit, the novel itself is a work of art.

I really enjoyed the unique telling of this story. So interested I'm eager to learn more post reading. I was mesmerised and I wanted to wholly submerge myself in this book. Once fully immersed I could not put this book down!! A real treat and surprise as I knew nothing about the story prior to picking up this book. View all 22 comments. The Museum of Modern Love is a tender and thought-provoking book. It then weaves together the narratives of several fictional characters, all of whom attend the performance and become so captivated by it that they attempt to use Marina's art as a way to process the grief in their own lives.

As someone who adores contempo The Museum of Modern Love is a tender and thought-provoking book. The love and respect that Heather Rose has for Marina to whom this novel is dedicated can be felt on every page and it made it a joy to read. The parts of the novel that focused on Marina were the highlights for me - they helped give me such a clear picture of this piece of art and where it fit in with the rest of Marina's career Unfortunately this did naturally mean that Rose's fictional creations, Arky and Jane, paled in comparison for me.

I never fully believed Jane's character - she seemed too poised and too articulate for the role that she was supposed to be playing in the story. Arky on the other hand I did find more interesting, though he resisted my emotional engagement rather strongly and consequently I never felt particularly compelled by his narrative.

But for its thoughtful portrayal of Marina and its tender exploration of grief and its wonderful depiction of the contemporary art world, I just loved this. View all 10 comments. Dec 17, Jenny Reading Envy rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , netgalley , reviewcopy , ebooks , location-usa-ny.

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This came out in Australia in September and just came out in the United States this month. The author starts with the event of Marina Abramovic's The Artist is Present at MOMA and explores the artist herself in a fictional way but with permission and access to materials granted by the artist. The rest of the novel is made up of the lives of the people drawn to the art. Nothing much happens, and I loved it. Through the various character the author is able to explore what draws people to ar This came out in Australia in September and just came out in the United States this month.

Through the various character the author is able to explore what draws people to art both observing and creating, selfishness vs connection only in New York is making eye contact so revolutionary! This may be one of my best reads this year! The book came out in the states earlier this month December Theresa Heard about this book from your podcast.

Loved it! Nov 03, AM. Jenny Reading Envy Theresa wrote: "Heard about this book from your podcast. Nov 03, PM. May 30, Meike rated it really liked it Shelves: read , australia. The novel's protagonists are Arky, a composer whose terminally ill wife does not want him to neglect his work because of her, and Jane, a fiftysomething art teacher from the Midwest who has recently lost her husband.

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Also, prepare to be surprised by who the narrator is, which is slowly revealed throughout the novel. The only weakness of the book is that Rose sometimes tends to overexplain the impact of the works she discusses and to interpret aspects that are clear anyway or should remain ambivalent in order to give the reader some room to contemplate the art and relate to it on a personal level. But all in all, I loved this book: Rose manages to take a wonderful piece of visual art and turn it into literature, and the author's heart and her belief in the power of art shows on every page.

View 2 comments. Shelves: , australia , she , words-without-borders. The people no longer felt real to me. Throughout the novel these characters are constantly feeling and regretting; feeling and regretting; feeling and regretting. I began to resent their constant feeling and regretting. And all at once my resentment carried me back to a similar resentment I'd felt many years ago when a friend took me to see a lecture by Werner Erhard, father of EST.

My friend was transported. I was alarmed at all the emoting going on in the crowd. I became skeptical of the genuineness of what people said they felt. And the characters in this novel are likewise transported in ways that I'm meant to take as genuine.

I became skeptical. The ending felt a cheat. Oof, this has turned out to be a very bad review. For balance please see my friend Robin's review here and my friend Jenny Reading Envy 's review here. Mar 29, Lisa rated it really liked it. It was a slow morning at work. I poured myself a coffee and sat down across from a particularly endearing client of mine. It was over in twenty seconds. It can be unnerving, looking deeply into someone's eyes like that. Searc It was a slow morning at work. Searching for emotions, trying to communicate caring, just waiting and being there.

Some people cannot do it. They drop their gaze, tell stories while staring into a middle distance, unwilling or unable to share whatever of themselves will be revealed by their eyes. This is a book about staring into people's eyes, and the things you may see there, which more than likely include a reflection of your own damn self. View all 8 comments. Apr 16, Chris rated it really liked it.

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This book is about performance art and the famous Marina Abramovic and her very unusual projects and works. I admit, I had not heard of Marina before reading this book. All of her performance art is unusually done and makes an extremely big impact in the art world. Example, a creation of a suite of three rooms that you can only leave them by going down a ladder of which steps are made of sharp knife blades.

The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose

Or digesting a kilo of honey. Or scratching a star in her stomach with a razor blade in front of an audience. There are a whole bunch of crazy more, but you can read about them yourself! Each of her acts make a personal statement and a big noise in the art world. They are scenes or actions that are totally out of the box unusual, sexualized, political, personal, obscene, pornographic, violent, creepy, dangerous, uncomfortable and seductive works of art.

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