Mastering The Mental Side of Putting

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Completing assessments which quantify cognitive strengths and areas for development such as: confidence, motivation and mental toughness are all available in the publications of acknowledged sports psychologists. Similar assessments are free and readily available online, however the content of such documents may vary dramatically in quality. This can be done in several ways, one method is to break the game into three sections: practice, pre-round and on-course.

Here are 3 critical areas where your mental game of golf can be enhanced to reach your potential.

What You Will Learn

It is probably safe to assume that most amateur golfers have enjoyed the feeling of being on a golf course when they are relaxed and playing well on the course, yet most will admit they find this an elusive state of mind. Renowned sports psychologist Bob Rotella discusses this as a common issue for golfers of all levels, who are aware of a positive feeling which is elusive and often replaced by a negative distrust, and suggests players should develop sound technical fundamentals in practice. This was supported by the commentator Mark Roe, who outlined that the golf choke phenomenon which debilitates players as a result in an alteration of technique e.

This can be addressed during practice, but only if practice sessions consistently have a technical task focused goal e. This is very effective as players are much more likely to perform under pressure when they are used to focusing on a simple technical element.

Dr. Bob Rotella: Inside the Golfer's Mind - Golf Digest

To take this concept further it is often advised that players add an element of competition to their practice, for example taking on a friend to see who can pitch the ball closest to a 80 yard pin on the driving range. This not only adds fun elements to practice but also provides a level of stress inoculation which can be taken onto the course.

Practicing with a friend is also a good way to improve motivation, going to a driving range on a cold winters night is often far more enticing when it has a competitive social aspect. Understanding mental toughness has become a key aspect of sports psychology over the past decade. During an interview Colin Montgomerie he reflected on several missed opportunities to win events and highlighted that many of his losses were not due to a single bogey.

They were as a result of bogeying several more holes later in the round due to being agitated by the original mistake.

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Embedding pre-tournament preparation which gives time to consider the positive and negative scenarios players may encounter in competition can be beneficial to performance. It is quite possible that a gust of wind or bad bounce can lead to a double bogey on the first hole, alternatively an early stretch of good play could yield several birdies. Taking time to consider these scenarios pre-round will reduce some of the shock when they occur during the round.

In an applied setting when warming up on the practice putting green, imagining executing a putt for birdie and remaining calm and also for a bogey following a poor stroke and not being agitated encourages players not to make technical mistakes due to the context of the shot.

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This approach also decreases the likelihood of making rash decisions on the course which can again have a negative effect on performance. It said a manageable amount of pressure is often key to successful play research shows elite players will have a far greater tolerance to high pressure situations.

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  8. Setting realistic goals is a key strategy to create a suitable environment, ideally these will have two focus points. Firstly , a focus on the outcome e. Secondly , and more importantly these goals will always have a simple task focus; such as completing a full back swing, this will encourage players to remain calm and focus on the key technical tasks required for good play during competition. A pre-shot routine is also recommended to provide a consistent approach to encourage players to remain calm and positive during the round.

    Having an imagery of past experiencesof well executed shots can be beneficial during a pre-shot routine, as can physical acts such as taking several deep breaths before even considering striking the ball. Introducing a pre-shot routine can also address issues related to concentration, players are unable to sustain concentration for several hours and benefit by utilising a method to switch from relaxation to concentration. He explained that red was a colour he associates with focus and the dot encourages him to consider the fundamentals of his swing when playing shots.

    Whilst identifying a trigger is useful, understanding individuals will benefit from varying approaches is also essential. Other possible options include a verbal trigger e.

    "It's a mental issue"

    Dieser Artikel wurde noch nicht bewertet. Tournament players will spend hours on the practice greens woking on mechanics for an upcoming golf tournament, but what do they do to mentally prepare? What do they do to insure that their putting stroke is going to supports them in shooting the lowest score possible?

    Mastering The Mental Side of Putting is a book specifically written for tournament players to help them mentally prepare for their tournament rounds so that they putt their best during competition.

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