Maps of China - Northern East China (东北地区)

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Heat flow in the continental area of China: A new data set.

Warming over the North Pacific can intensify snow events in Northeast China

Earth Planet Sci Lett, , The lithosphere of North China Craton from surface wave tomography. Jackson J. Strength of the continental lithosphere: Time to abandon the jelly sandwich? China Cartographic Publishing House, Beijing: Karato S I and Wu P. Rheology of the mantle: A synthesis. Science, Seismic properties and densities of middle and lower crustal rocks exposed along the North China geoscience transect.

Lachenbruch A H and Morgan P. Continental extension, magmatism and elevation: Formal relations and rules of thumb. Lei J and Zhao D. Geological Publishing House, Beijing: Li S and Mooney W D.

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Crustal structure of China from deep seismic sounding profiles. Tomographic inversion of Pn travel times in China.

Chinese Journal of Agrometeorology Vol. Issue 4 - Table of Contents

J Geophys Res, B, doi Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht: Geochemistry of lower crustal xenoliths from Neogene Hannuoba basalt, North China craton: Implications for petrogenesis and lower crustal compositon. Earthquake focal depths, effective elastic thickness, and the strength of the continental lithosphere.

Thermal structure of oceanic and continental lithosphere. Earth and Planet Sci Lett, Pasyanos A. A variable resolution surface wave dispersion study of Eurasia, North Africa, and surrounding regions.

Yongshun John Chen

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Mantle discontinuity structure beneath China. Eurasian surface wave tomography: Group velocities. Nature and composition of the continental crust: A lower crustal perspective. Rev Geophys, Rudnick R L and Gao S. Schmidt M W and Poli S. Geological Society of America Special Paper Geological Society of America Memoir, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: Sibson R H. Frictional constraints on thrust, wrench and normal faults.

Nature, Staudigel H and King S. Ultrafast subduction: The key to slab recycling efficiency and mantle differentiation? Mechanism of backarc opening in the Japan Sea: Role of asthenospheric injection. Thompson A B. Shear velocity structure of central Eurasia from inversion of surface wave velocities. Physics of Earth and Planetary Interiors, Wang J Y ed.

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Geothermics in China. Seismological Press, Beijing: Maps on verso: Harbin -- Changchun -- Shenyang -- Dalian. Contributor: China. Shows railways, major roads and major cities.

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Place names in Japanese and English. Includes inset of "General map, Eastern Asia.

Map of Northeast China

Map capsulated. Contributor: M. Title devised by cataloger. Present coverage incomplete. Numbered: L. LC maps laminated and mounted on cloth backing. Some maps also fold-lined and taped. Catalog Record Only Relief shown by contours and spot heights. Maps prepared from thru Name of admin. Some sheets have no admin. Sheet compiler's statement and commanding officers' names and statements in lower margin. Sheet XXIX reissued in Contributor: Russia.

Korpus Voennykh Topografov Date: Map shows military bases, Japanese residential areas with population, and railways showing destroyed points. Handwritten in ink and colored by pencils. Detailed list of population in upper left margin. LC copy has written: Location of Japanese nationals in communist controlled areas. LC copy laminated. Contributor: Kakui, Ry - Japan. Rikugun Date: Relief shown by contours.

Shenyang, Liaoning, China includes: map, park, airport, weather, hotel, population

Showing geographic distribution of ethnic groups written and circled in blue and administrative and political division written in red. Includes table of distribution of population according to cities, towns and villages with notes about border control and radio station. Acquisitions control no. Map Division DLC Date: Results per page 25 50 Original Format Map.

Manchuria - Wikipedia

Online Format Image 12 Online Text 1. Date to 21 to to 7 to 5. Contributor Japan. Sanbo Honbu Japan. Rikuchi Sokuryobu Japan.

Shireibu Japan. Sokuryotai Japan. Rinji Sokuzubu 23 Manchoukuo. Ce Liang Ju 16 Japan.

File:CAAC Northeast China.svg

Rinji Sokuzubu 15 Japan. Sokuryobu 14 Manchoukuo. Zong Wu Ting.