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The relevant section of the Bylaws is included at the end of this message. Please note that the Nomination Form contains information about what to include with the Form as well as instructions for submission. Guillermo del Toro Mexico, is a master storyteller. He has contributed to the art of film as a screenwriter, director and producer. His protagonists resist authoritarianism and embrace diversity. Del Toro also was interested in monsters, leading his strict Catholic grandmother to try to exorcise his demons. He began his career in Mexico with short films and the full-length Cronos.

After his father was kidnapped for ransom in Mexico in , del Toro moved his primary residence to Los Angeles. He bought a separate home there for his horror memorabilia. The film Pinocchio is in progress ; writer, director and producer. Guillermo del Toro has earned the most prestigious international awards in cinema. Her poetry has been translated into more than 10 languages.

La Danza de la muerte entre el sermón y el teatro - Persée

Photo Credit: By Original uploader was Potosino at en. Playwright, Director, Writer, Actor, Teacher. Acknowledged as the "godfather of Chicano theater," Luis Valdez — is the founder and artistic director of El Teatro Campesino. Started in , Valdez has led the theater company to international acclaim and numerous awards. It's his work with El Teatro Campesino, however, and his dedication to advancing the role of the arts in people's lives that sets Valdez apart from his contemporaries.

It was a small role in an elementary school play and seeing his parents and those like them work the long, grueling hours for little pay that moved Valdez to use the theater to shed light on the Latino experience.

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Following a short time with the famed San Francisco Mime Troupe, Valdez joined activist Cesar Chavez in and sought to raise funds for the grape boycott and farmworkers strike that Chavez had organized, and bring attention to the plight of migrant farmworkers. Thus begun El Teatro Campesino which performed short plays based on the struggles of the farmworkers and people of Mexican descent.

Drama Critics Award in La Bamba. The story of Mexican American rock and roller Ritchie Valens, whose brief time in the spotlight ended when he was killed in the same plane crash as Buddy Holly, was one of that year's biggest box office successes. Broadcast on the Turner Television Network, the entire production was filmed on location in Mexico. The following year, Valdez received the prestigious Aguila Azteca Award Golden Eagle Award , which is the highest honor bestowed by the Mexican government for citizens of other countries.

In this role, the playwright works with students from a variety of backgrounds and encourages them to use technology in an effort to continue the tradition of raising social issues through art. Back to "the Farmworker Question". In Valdez returned to a play he began writing in , and to a subject matter that's never left him: farmworkers. In the title role of Mundo was one of Valdez's sons, Kinan, who shares his father's beliefs in the social significance of art and seeks to instill those ideas in El Teatro Campesino of the future. We want to remind people of the struggle. In his work, Valdez attempts to illustrate, not just the plight of Latinos and the prejudices they face, but also the fact that there are differences among all people and that there is much to be learned from them.

Which Way Is Up? El cura tiene buenas dotes para ayudar a la gente, lo que le permite ser considerado santo.

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Every year, the airport handles nearly 14 million international passengers, many of them on their way to and from major Latin American cities. Spanish writing skills: the importance of the comma. Se destaca en efecto una nueva imagen del hombre en constante lucha con la naturaleza.

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